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Going Green

It is no secret that one of the easiest ways to save your business money is to run more efficiently. This applies to all aspects of your business, but the Printer and Copier fleet is often time overlooked as a way to increase profitability. Many companies simply track the cost of toner, and that can yield a large amount of savings on its own. But the savings can go much beyond toner alone. Integrated Print Management Solutions paired with eco-friendly; super efficient printers, can save money on paper, energy, toner, reduced downtime, increased productivity and profitability.

Integrated Print Management Solutions known as (MPS) or managed print services, like the name implies; basically means you rely on a specialized consulting company to help plan, implement and service your printer fleet. The advantage of having your printing network planned and managed by one vendor is that it saves a substantial amount of time fixing IT problems, ordering toner and implementing new document management systems. Imagine never having to order toner and the time saved by only having one invoice to deal with every month; now this is being efficient.

It isn’t only about reduced waste; it is also about reduced downtime. Nothing costs a company more money than downtime. When it comes to reliability, not all brands are created equal. However, with our program, we can offer your company a systematic process to make your current fleet more productive and more cost efficient by not only offering recycled products for green purposes, but that your program put in place is covered by our service options that remove an ongoing headache for any IT department within a company’s structure.

Finally, if you really want to increase your savings and decrease your impact on the environment, implement a document management system. Even the simplest document management systems will reduce paper and toner consumption and increase productivity. Document management will reduce the time spent on filing and retrieving documents and make documents more accessible – no matter where you and your employees are.

The opportunity to save money and help the environment is a goal every corporation should strive for. Even if your business’ printers are new and you believe you have an efficient printer fleet, having an outside MPS vendor such as Integrated Print Management Solutions may help you see the roots of a tree more clearly. By using our document output solutions, you can positively impact your company’s footprint on the environment.

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